Credentialing for Starting a New Practice: Start-up Credentialing

There has never been more to do when it comes to running or starting a medical organization.  We understand this and our leadership team has actually been in your shoes.  We’ve personally started and ran large medical practices so our services are designed around the pain points we’ve actually experienced.  The complexities of today far outweigh what it took ten years ago to get a practice off the ground or run a thriving business.  We know that there are plenty of things begging for your time, why waste your most precious commodity on something that we can do 5-10 times faster?  Let us reduce your stress and improve your organization’s performance.

Common Practice Start-Up Services include:

  • Incorporation and registration of business
  • Branding, Logo, Business Card and Website Design
  • Enrollment and Contracting service for the top payers in the area which is typically 20-25 payers
  • Medicare, Medicaid & Tricare Enrollment for the practice and all providers (when applicable)
  • Revenue Cycle Management & EHR Selection Assistance and Negotiation
  • Insurance Contracts analyzed and negotiated based on Top 20-30 CPT Codes
  • ERA/EFT enrollment assistance for commercial and government payers
  • Work directly with your billing staff or company to ensure you can submit claims
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Status Reports on deliverables

Practice Start-Up Services offered in All 50 states:

  • EDI enrollment for government and commercial payers
  • Practice location selection assistance & analysis
  • Malpractice Insurance Selection
  • Employee Handbook & Policy/Procedure Creation
  • HIPAA, MSDS & OSHA Compliance Training
  • Custom Website, Logo & Business Card Design, Website Hosting, Support, and Email Administration
  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing which includes establishing the brand on social media & local sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Google,
  • Patient registration portal creation and integration with your website
  • Regular Conference Calls and in-person meetings for larger clients

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