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Hospital Privileging
Maintenance of Hospital Affiliation
FQHC Internal Privileging
Lab Privileging
Peer Reference Checks
Automated Document Creation

Primary Source Verification

License Verification
Education Verification
ABMS Board Certification Verification
DEA Verification
Malpractice Claim Verification (NPDB)
Medicaid Exclusion Checks
Criminal Background Check

Payer Enrollment

CAQH Completions
Managing Expirables
Filling Payer Forms
Updating Providers Profile
Enrolling Various Providers Under Various Locations


Applying for Provider Licenses in Multiple States
Keeping Track of License Applications
Performing Tasks as needed
Managing Expirables and Reapplication

Accreditations and Partnerships

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Watchdog Automates Primary Source Verification

Although primary source verification requires significant time and resources, healthcare organizations must prioritize this process to protect
patients and maintain compliance. With limited in-house resources to complete the complex, time-consuming process ot primary source
verifications, many healthcare organizations use a credentials verification organization (CVO) to streamline provider credentialing.

Watchdog platform screens and monitors the license and exclusion status of your practitioners against all primary sources. By following links you'll
understand about source verification:-

Primary Source Verification
Malpractice Claim Verification (NPDB)
Peer Reference Check
License Verification
Criminal Background Check
Education Verification
Exclusion Check

Health plan credentialing & provider enrollment services we provide

Payer enrollment is a tedious and challenging task where accuracy is paramount. Indeed, even the smallest oversight in an application can interrupt and delay the entire process resulting in deterred payments.

You have enough to manage, why waste your time attempting to sort out every payer's credentialing process. Our credentialing specialists' expertise can effortlessly guide your organization through the followings:-

CAQH Completions
Filling Payer Forms
Credentialing and Provider Enrollment
Maintenance Services
Enrolling Various Providers Under Various
Locations Under Various Payers
Updating Provider Profiles
Managing Expirables
Responding to Priorities

Compliance Watchdog expedites your Hospital Privileging process

Physicians can spend enormous amounts ot time and energy filling out piles of paperwork and applications and gathering all the correct and complete information to obtain their hospital privileges. With plenty of room tor error and mistakes to occur along the way, the credentialing
application process has great potential to be delayed. Plus, when mistakes are made, physicians and hospitals run the risk of delivering practices they're not licensed to perform Which can then lead to costly liabilities and diminished reputations.
Hospitals Form Submission
Working with Hospitals/Labs for Privileging
Automated Document Creation From Provider Profiles

Collection of Signatures

How do we help in training to our clients?

Utilizing Watchdog's healthcare learning management system makes it painless to assign, manage, and complete training sessions from any location and at any time.

Leadership can actively monitor staff progress through a comprehensive dashboard with alerts. Staff can also benefit from predefined trainingscheduling, so they are fully aware of due dates and never miss an upcoming training deadline.

We provide online training with the help of these platforms :

OSHA Learning Online
HIPAA Training

Compliance Risk Management

Watchdog is your source for an all-inclusive Platform that can streamline your internal processes allowing your organization to focus on What matters the most; your patients. Our cloud-based solution also provides healthcare compliance education and assists in the medical credentialing
process. Our SAM exclusion list and other notifiers will keep your staff up-to-date on provider information. For more information about Watchdog and how we can optimize your healthcare facility, contact us today!
HIPAA Compliance
Contract Management
Vulnerability Scans
Vendor Risk Management
OIG/SAM Exclusion Monitoring
Penetration Testing
Business Associate Agreements with DocuSign

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