HRSA Compliance

Comprehensive Platform for successfully passing your HRSA OSVs and staying compliant allows Federally Qualified Health Centers , Lookalikes and all HRSA funded entities manage their HRSA Related compliance via one single platform. Our team works with small to large Federally Qualified Health Centers to manage their compliance around
    • Supports several areas of compliance that HRSA recommends through its compliance manual

    • Comprehensive Credentialing for Clinical and Non Clinical Staff

      • Internal Privileging at FQHCs
      • Managing Expirables of any licenses and privileging
      • NPDB Verifications
      • AMA Verifications
      • DEA Verifications
      • License Verifications
      • OIG/SAM Verifications
      • Many more source verifications


    • FTCA Related Compliance

      • Demonstrating adequate risk management via Risk Management Module
      • Risk Management Trainings
      • Incident Management Module
      • Training and Tracking of Trainings
    • Vendor Management / Contract Management

    • Policies and Procedure Management

    • Emergency preparedness (training and policies and procedures)

    • Resource Library for additional Information

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