HIPAA Watchdog Solutions

Compliance for FQHCs:

FQHC's need to manager their FWA, HRSA, FTCA, OSHA, HIPAA, CMS complaince to ensure they continue to operate efficiently. In addition they are faced with the challenge of funding cuts which increases employee turnover, putting additional risk on the Health Center.

HIPAA Watchdog effortlessly manages all areas of compliance and provides a centralized compliance platform that allows FQHC's to continue their business operations in a compliant way and maintain business continuity.

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Compliance for Small Private Medical Practices: 1-5 Providers

Small Private Medical Practices must still prove compliance with OIG, HIPAA, OSHA, CMS, and MIPS, without the benefit of large budgets.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your organization, HIPAA Watchdog provides robust tools allowing you to effectively complete your annual trainings and assessments to remain audit ready.

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Large Medical Practice Compliance: more than 5 Providers

Large Private Medical Practices are challenged with ensuring they not only comply with OIG, HIPAA, OSHA, CMS, and MIPS regulations, but maximize their financial opportunity while reducing risk.

HIPAA Watchdog provides comprehensive compliance tools to efficiently manage all regulatory and quality improvement requirements from one platform.

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Compliance Solutions for Primary Care Associations:

As a leaders in representing the interests of their community health centers, Primary Care Associations are driven to deliver innovative resources to their members.

HIPAA Watchdog allows PCAs to provide professional level trainings and resources to their member health center ensuring they have access to the tools necessary to thrive.

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Compliance Solutions for Dentists:

Dental Practices must ensure they train their staff annually on OSHA, HIPPA, and other unique procedures. With limited appropriate training resources for Dentists, they struggle to control costs while remaining compliant.

Regardless of your specialty HIPAA Watchdog provides trainings and assessments crafted with your practice in mind. Deploy, track, document, and report on all areas of staff compliance in one place.

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Compliance for Hospitals:

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HIPAA Watchdog effortlessly manages all areas of compliance and providers a centralized compliance platform that allows FQHCs to continue their business operations in a complaint way and maintain business continuity.

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Health Plans:

For Health Plans HIPAA Watchdog provides a simple solution to manage the complex task of OIG/GSA Exclusion Monitoring, Medicare Preclusion Monitoring and various states MediCaid Exclusion Monitoring for Employees and Vendors.

Health Plans can interface their payroll system with HIPAA Watchdog.com or input their employees into HIPAAWatchdog.com. Once an employee is in the HIPAA Watchdog, he/she is checked for all the exclusions a Health Plan has opted-in for. If there is a match, an alert is sent out. HIPAA Watchdog allows you simply generate audit reports detailing when an exclusion was run on employees and vendors.

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Compliance Requirements by Organization type

Medical Offices (Primary Care & Specialists)
All areas of regulatory compliance managed on HIPAA Watchdog

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