"Our mission is to help Health Centers improve Patient Safety by Reducing Risk and Staying Compliant."


"Our vision is to increase patient safety in every Health Center in the United States."


Do what
is right for our customers

Create an enriching work environment for employees

Focus on Quality of work over Quantity of work

Always Follow
the rules
and regulations

Interact with
the utmost professionalism

Sunny Saran, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Has lead several Health IT initiatives including MU, PQRS, MIPS, HRSA, Telehealth.

Cares deeply about simplifying compliance.

Kelly Carter
Director, Provider Relations

8 years exp. with grant-funded health IT programs in enrollment Program Management.

Driven to ensure the HC’s that support the Safety Net Community have the compliance tools they need to thrive.

Mike Mu
Director, HIPAA Compliance

20 years IT experience with healthcare organizations focused on Privacy & Security

Deepthi Rajaraaman
MBBS, MPH Program Manager

Clinical Provider.

Manages CMS Qualified Registry communication for MIPS.

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