Staff Training

Utilizing Watchdog’s healthcare learning management system makes it painless to assign, manage, and complete training sessions from any location and at any time.

Leadership can actively monitor staff progress through a comprehensive dashboard with alerts. Staff can also benefit from predefined training scheduling, so they are fully aware of due dates and never miss an upcoming training deadline.

OSHA Learning Online

OSHA plays a critical role in ensuring workplace safety. It protects coworkers and staff from potential dangers in the working environment. Without adequate OSHA online learning provided to your team, your facility runs the risk of accidents and non-compliance. Watchdog’s learning management system offers the foundation from which your organization can build a healthy, safe, and compliant environment for staff and patients.

HIPAA Training

HIPAA training is required for all organizations that handle protected health information. It was designed to protect the privacy of patients by limiting and handling the available health information with care. If staff are unfamiliar with HIPAA protocols they may jeopardize your healthcare facility by unintentionally disclosing PHI and risking patient privacy. With Watchdog’s online HIPAA training, your employees will be fully informed of regulations and compliance initiatives set forth by it and know their role in protecting private health information.

CMS Training

Healthcare organizations that work with Medicare and Medicaid know how challenging it can be to comply with CMS’ ever-changing regulations. Leadership can be overwhelmed with the complexities of the Medicare and Medicaid systems. Supported by Watchdog’s learning management system, your staff will be able to remain informed of the current CMS regulations and their responsibility in identifying and preventing fraud, waste, and abuse in your organization. By using a comprehensive CMS training program with robust and current learning content to educate your staff, you can reduce confusion and provide clarity when dealing with federal agencies.

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